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Distributor Requirements

“Adjusted License Count” means the total number of licenses Partner NOC currently has active, which is calculated by adding the number of standard licenses to half the number of virtual server licenses.

Website and Promotion Requirements

1. cPanel logo

Proper usage of cPanel logos and trademarks should be included on website. The cPanel Media Kit is made available as a resource.

2. License pricing

Pricing information for cPanel licensing and products, including: internal, external and yearly licenses.

3. License purchasing

Ability to purchase cPanel licensing and products directly from website (shopping cart, link to your purchase page, etc), as well as any additional information regarding how to purchase cPanel licenses.

4. Support Policies

Information outlining your policies regarding providing support to your cPanel license customers / what support comes with the cPanel licensing. If providing purchased or add-on support options, please provide pricing for the additional services you provide and options to purchase these services from this page.

5. Obtaining support

Details on how support is provided and how customers need to contact you for support related issues should be thoroughly explained and easy to reference.

6. Company contact

Additional contact information for preferred methods of communication, including billing, sales and other questions or issues should also be available from this page - Email addresses, phone numbers or live chat / ticket system.

7. Phone number

A contact phone number must be provided on this page, even if the preferred method of communication is listed as an email address or other method.

Recommended Info

1. About cPanel and WHM

An introduction to cPanel and WHM, including a description of the software, functionality, features, etc. This information must not be directly copied from our cPanel website as the page must include original content.

2. Documentation, Demos and Additional Information

You may also provide some links to cPanel and WHM documentation and any additional information related to the cPanel software or services you provide associated with the cPanel software that may be beneficial to your customers or customers trying to determine who to purchase licensing from.